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Artist Curriculum Vitae

H U G H   L O B E L

2059 Riverlawn Dr., Houston, TX 77339

281-352-8404 - |


University of Colorado, Boulder

Doctorate of Musical Arts - CompositionMay 2015.

Major Instructors:/ John Drumheller, Dan Kellogg, Carter Pann, Michael Theodore.

Dissertation: The Altogether: a sound design, improvisation, and electronic composition program.

University of Texas, Austin

Masters of Music - CompositionMay 2011.

Major Instructors:/ Russell Pinkston, Dan Welcher, Yevgeniy Sharlat.

University of Houston

Bachelors of Music - CompositionMay 2009.

Major Instructors:/ David Ashley White, Rob Smith.

University Teaching

Department of Critical Media Practices – Scholar in Residence

CMDP 4870-001: Multimedia Programming in Max. Fall 2018

CMDP 3510-002: Creative Web Portfolio Development. Spring & Fall 2018 - 20

CMDP 3840-001: Sound Practices. Spring 2018 - 20

CMDP 3860-001: Introduction to Electronic Music. Fall 2017 - 19

CMDP 4860-001: Computer Composition. Spring 2018 - 20

CMDP 2860-001: Performance Audio Recording. Fall 2017 - 19

CMDP 2870-001: Recording Design. Spring 2018 - 19

CMDP 6841-901: Graduate Independent Study. Fall 2019, Spring 2020

CMDP 4841-902: Independent Study. Spring 2018

School of Music – Adjunct Faculty

IMUS 5093-570: Technology in the Music Classroom. Summer 2018, 2020

MUSC 4081-001: Introduction to Music Technology. Fall 2011 – Spring 2013

MUSC 4081-800: Introduction to Music Technology for Non-Majors. Fall 2012 – Spring 2013

MUEL 4121-001: Topics in Music Technology:/ Programming in Max/MSP. Fall 2015

MUSC 2071-001: Instrumentation. Spring 2016

MUEL 1081-001: Basic Music Theory. Spring 2015

Department of Theatre and Dance – Adjunct Faculty

DNCE 3024-001: Musical Resources for Dance. Spring 2016

DNCE 5024-001: Graduate Musical Resources. Spring 2016

Continuing Education

IMUS-5093-578: Technology in the Music Classroom. Summer 2018, 2020

CU Science Discovery

Physical Computing: Hacker Space (Arduino and Max). Summer 2016

Guest Teaching

University of Colorado, Boulder (six sessions)

MUSC 4001 - New Music Styles and Practices

MUSC 4081 - Introduction to Music Technology

MUEL 3051 - Basic Composition

Metropolitan State University, Denver (one session)

MUS 1650 - Basic Music Technology

University of Texas, Austin (three sessions)

BDP 101 - Exploring Digital Art & Media

Lone Star College, Houston (two sessions)

MUSC 1191 - Professional Development for Musicians

Community Engagement

Boulder, Colorado

Co-Instructor – The Field - Fieldwork workshops foster trans-media creation, execution, and feedback over an intensive 1 - 2 month period. Sponsored by Michelle Ellsworth and hosted by the CU Dance Department.

Staff Instructor - The Lesson Studio. Composition, theory and piano lessons.

Private Instructor - Composition, theory and piano lessons.

Houston, Texas

Staff Instructor - Rockin Robin Music Lessons. Composition, theory and piano lessons.

Private Instructor - Composition, theory and piano lessons.

Art Technology and Interdisciplinary Media Collaboration

2015 – Present

The Music and Sound Design Platform (MSDP)Personal project. MSDP is an open-source platform for multimedia synthesis, design, and performance. MSDP is actively developed and has fostered an international community of creators who use the tool for innovative productions, performances, and multimedia projects.


Music and Tech ExplainedAn online learning platform, with classrooms held as real-time streaming Twitch and YouTube content. The platform hosts a global community of students and covers a variety of topics revolving around music and technology.


In The Backyard:/ for dancers, narration, and live audio manipulationElectronic music and narration by Hugh Lobel. Choreography by Christina Nelson. University Theatre, Boulder CO.


Ecotone:/ for dancer, violinist, sensor technology, live audio and live video manipulationElectronic music, sensor design, and video manipulation by Hugh Lobel. Choreography by Ondine Geary, Violin performance by Summer Lusk. Media Lab, Boulder CO.


The Pain of BecomingDirected, produced, and composed an evening-length production for chamber ensemble, electronics, dance and live video. Choreography by Christina Nelson, Videography by Kyle Monks. Black Box Theatre, Boulder CO.


Skin and PulpCo-directed, composed, and performed the music for an evening-length large-scale improvisatory work on piano, accordion, singing, whistling, and electronics, with dance and live video. Lead direction and choreography by Christina Nelson. Videography by Kyle Monks. Irie Theatre, Boulder CO.


Clementines and ChocolateCo-directed, composed, and performed the music for a large-scale work on piano, accordion and electronics, with dance and live video. Lead direction and choreography by Christina Nelson, Videography by Kyle Monks. Black Box Theatre, Boulder CO.

2011 – 2012

Live Music Analysis and Improvisation SystemClient: University of Texas, Austin. Developed KIN.MPS system for automatic music phrase analysis. Collaboration between the University of Texas, Austin and the Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto, Portugal. Grant provided by the government of Portugal to develop a self-learning, genre-flexible improvisational computer accompaniment for live performers. Austin TX.


The Iris Project Intermedia CooperativeCo-founded, acted as music director, composer, and performer for an interdisciplinary artistic cooperative created with funds by the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Center for Collaboration Among the Arts. Several performance art projects and gallery shows around the greater Houston area. Houston TX.


Bread and CircusCo-directed, acted as music director, composer, and performer for an interdisciplinary gallery installation/video performance piece. 14 Pews (previously Aurora Picture Show), Houston TX.

Commercial Web and Software Development

May 2015 - Present

Acclaro DesignJob Title: Front-End Developer. Position Description: Front-End Website and Web Application Development for small-to-medium businesses and non-profit organizations.  Denver, CO.

June 2016 – October 2017

MomoToneDesigned prototype software for the Seoul-based (previously located in Boulder) tech company MomoTone, which is developing kinetically interactive hardware that allows users to remix, remake, and control their music library through intuitive gesture technology. Developed the prototype platform responsible for translating physical gestures into a variety of engaging musical interactions.  Boulder, CO.

Art and Education Leadership and Administration

Faculty Adviser. Media HYPE, Student Performance Showcase. Fall 2017, 2018, 2020. Boulder CO.

Production Manager. Pendulum New Music Series. Fall 2013 – Spring 2015. Boulder CO.

Media Manager. Pendulum New Music Series. Fall 2013- Spring 2015. Boulder CO.

Member. BLOrk. Fall 2014 – Spring 2015. Boulder CO.

Co-Instructor/Organizer. The Field Fieldwork Workshop Series. 2014-Present. Boulder CO.

Judge. 2014 64-bit Composition Competition. Boulder CO.

Co-Director. 2013 International Supercollider Symposium. Boulder CO.

Co-Director. 2013 Midwest Composers Exchange. Boulder CO.

Co-Director. University of Texas Composition Seminar, Fall 2011. Austin TX.

Treasurer. CLUTCH University of Texas Student Composer Organization Spring 2010 – Spring 2011. Austin TX .

Administrative Assistant. Houston Friends of Chamber Music. 2008-2009. Houston TX.

Areas of Interest

Sound design, 

multimedia collaboration, 

acoustic and electroacoustic composition, 

physical computing, 

free and open-source software design and cultural impacts, 

programming/system design, 

interdisciplinary performance, 

concert production, 

live audio recording, 

sound engineering, 

twenty-first century media and performance. 


Languages and Packages

Javascript/NodeJS React Gatsby MongoDB PHP SQL Hugo HTML CSS Arudino Max/Max4Live Pure Data Supercollider Csound. 

Software and Platforms

MERN stack AMP stack WordPress Amazon Web Services Git Hugo VS Code Postman Bash/ZSH Trello Slack Selenium Browser Stack Notion Adobe Photoshop / Premiere Pro / After Effects. 

Selected Awards and Commissions


CommissionIn the BackyardA new work for the Spring 2019 Faculty Showcase for the Department of Theater and Dance at the University of Colorado, Boulder .


CommissionChairsA new work to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Frequent Flyers Aerial Dance Company .


CommissionLotus City Songbook, Vol. 2 for bass clarinet and computerA new work for the Texas New Music Ensemble.


CommissionFemeia Goala for Ondes Martinot, Piano, and String Sextet, and Klin, for string quartetCommissioned by Scott Jackman and recorded with Andrew Keener, Nathalie Forget and members of the Welsh National Opera .


FinalistThe Playground Ensemble Colorado Composers Concert Competition 9

SelectionOregon Conference for Graduate Musicians


CommissionShouts and Whispers, for brass quintetCommissioned by American Festival for the Arts, for their 20th anniversary season .

CommissionClosures, for amplified:/ bass clarinet, piano, percussion, guitar and celloPlayground Ensemble CoCoCo 8 Commission.

WinnerAreon Flutes International Composition Competition

WinnerSpark Graduate Composition Award

FinalistASCAP Morton Gould Award

Finalist2014 Lake George Music Festival Composition Competition

FinalistThe Playground Ensemble’s Colorado Composers Concert Competition 8


CommissionChurch Night with the Burners for violin studio in 8 partsCommissioned by CU Violin Professor Lina Bahn and the CU String Department.

CommissionLotus City Songbook Vol I for guitar and marimbaCommissioned by Liminal Space.

CommissionThe Path to Blindness for string quartetLevy Graduate Commission.

WinnerThe Playground Ensemble’s Colorado Composers Concert Competition 7

Selection2013 Gamma UT Conference


CommissionLuminalia for cello and Max/MSPCommissioned by University of Texas Dance Professor David Justin.

WinnerLevy Graduate Composition Prize


FellowshipATLAS FellowColorado University, 2011-2014.


CommissionExtroverted for oboe sextetCommissioned by Amy Morrison and the Texas State University Oboe Studio.

CommissionLewisium for violin and Max/MSPCommissioned by UT Violin Professor Brian Lewis.


FellowshipKent Kennan Endowed Graduate Fellowship in Music Composition. 2009-2011

CommissionThrough the Electric Naught for pierrot ensemble2009 AURA New Music Ensemble Student Composer Commission.


WinnerUndergraduate Division. Louisa Mae Sarofim Young Composer’s Competition

Selected Sonic and Multimedia Works


Blank Your Blank Outfor dance, violin, and live electronic audio and video manipulation. 15′.


The Lotus City Songbook, Vol. 2for bass clarinet and computer. Commissioned by the Texas New Music Ensemble. 9′.


Femeia GoalaFor ondes martinot, piano, and string sextet. 5′.

Klinfor string quartet 5′.


Shouts and Whispersfor brass quintet. 7′30″. Commissioned by AFA (American Festival for the Arts).


Closuresfor amplified/ baritone saxophone, percussion, guitar, cello and piano. 9′. Commissioned by The Playground Ensemble .

Lotus City Dharmafor flute trio and electronics. 22′. Commissioned by Areon Flutes.


Tremorsfor amplified cello and baritone saxophone. 6′.

Lotus City Songbook, Vol. Ifor electric guitar and marimba. 15′. Commissioned by Liminal Space.


The Path to Blindnessfor string quartet. 15′. Commissioned by the Levy Graduate Award.

Braying at Rothko in Tinsley Parkfor flute, clarinet, piano, violin, viola and cello. 7′30″.

Church Night with the Burnersfor violin choir. 5′. Commissioned by Lina Bahn and the CU String Department.

Heavy Atoms:/ Davisiumfor narrating pianist and Max/MSP. 24′. Poetry by James Davis.


Heavy Atoms:/ Lewisiumfor violin and Max/MSP. 9′30″. Commissioned by Brian Lewis.

Manifold Facing Westfor full orchestra. 9′.


Shoulder2Shoulderfor violin and Max/MSP. 9′.

Ecotonefor orchestra. 9′30″.

Isodromefor string orchestra. 6′30″.


Through the Electric Naughtfor mixed chamber ensemble. 9′30″. Commissioned by AURA New Music Ensemble.

5 Haikufor solo piano. 13′.


Three Apparitionsfor solo piano. 9′45″.

Great Beastsfor solo violin. 10′.


Death and Transfiguration of a Mad Kingfor string quartet. 4′45″.


Three Yeats Songsfor men’s choir. 7′. Commissioned by the University of Houston Men’s Choir..

Selected Premieres

2019 April 30Hugh Lobel + student dancers from the CU Boulder Theatre and Dance DepartmentIn The BackyardUniversity Theater, Boulder CO.

2017 Dec 01Summer Lusk + Hugh LobelContemplation_00Atlas Black Box Theatre, Boulder CO.

2017 Aug 12Texas New Music EnsembleThe Lotus City Songbook, Vol. 2MATCH Houston, Houston TX.

2016 Dec 11Westheimer String QuartetThe Path to BlindnessEmerson Unitarian Universalist Church of Houston, Houston TX.

2016 Aug 4Andrew Keener, Nathalie Forget and members of the Welsh National OperaFemeia Goala, and KlinRecorded at Wyastone Concert Hall, Wye Valley, England.

2015 Feb 25Summer Lusk, ViolinRadical, Feral, Senseless, FrailAtlas Black Box Theatre.

2014 Nov 15Brian Lewis, ViolinHeavy Atoms:/ LewisiumEARS Concert, McCullough Hall, Austin TX.

2014 Oct 10Areon Flutes, Flute TrioLotus City DharmaTrinity Concert Series, Trinity Church, Berkeley CA.

2014 May 5Playground EnsembleClosuresKenneth King Concert Hall, Denver CO.

2013 Sept 25Liminal SpaceLotus City Songbook, Vol. ISpring Street Studios, Houston TX.

2013 Apr 10CU Violin StudioChurch Night with the BurnersGrusin Hall, Boulder CO.

2012 Oct 28David Justin Dance CompanyLuminaliaAustin Shakespeare Company, Austin TX.

2012 June 28Molly Emmerman, ViolinShoulder2ShoulderMuskerwohnhaus, Basel, Switzerland.

2011 May 5Stereo Audio InstallationCerrado por BrujeriaBlanton Museum of Art, Austin TX.

2011 Apr 9Ellen Bartel Dance CompanyI Always You NeverSpoke The Hub National Festival, Brooklyn NY.

2009 Apr 14AURA New Music EnsembleThrough the Electric NaughtMoores Opera House, Houston TX.

Selected Workshops and Presentations

Lobel, Hugh. Live Coding in Max 8 with the replMax plataform. (2020) Research Presentation. Conference canceled in response to coronavirus. 2020 SEAMUS conference. University of Virginia at Charlottesville Virginia.

Lobel, Hugh. Composing and Coding in the Music and Sound Design Platform: a free performance platform for electronic composers that’s expandable with Max 8. (2019) Workshop. 2019 SEAMUS Conference. Conservatory at Berklee, Boston, Massachusetts.

Lobel, Hugh. Composing and Coding in the Music and Sound Design Platform: a free performance platform for electronic composers that’s expandable with Max 8. (2019) Workshop. 2019 MOXSonic conference. University of Central Missouri, Warrensburg, Missouri.

Lobel, Hugh. Composing and Coding in the Music and Sound Design Platform. (2019) Workshop. Accepted for presentation. 2019 International Computer Music Conference. New York University, New York City, New York.

Lobel, Hugh. The Music and Sound Design Platform, an introduction. (2016). Oral Presentation. Accepted for presentation. 2016 International Computer Music Conference. University of the Arts Utrecht, Netherlands.

Lobel, Hugh. Automatic Music Phrase Analysis (2013). Oral Presentation. 2013 Midwest Composers Exchange. University of Colorado, Boulder.

Pennycook, Bruce, Hugh Lobel, Russell Pinkston, Carlos Guedes. The KIN.MPS System. (2012). Accepted for presentation. 2012 International Computer Music Conference. University of Huddersfield, UK.

Pennycook, Bruce, Carlos Guedes, Hugh Lobel. Automatic Music Phrase Analysis. (2011). Oral Presentation. SEAMUS, 2011 Conference of the Society for Electroacoustic Music of the United States. University of Miami.

Selected Performing Experience


Computer - Performing with the Boulder Laptop Orchestra. Fiske Planetarium. Boulder CO.


Computer - Sound Painting with the Boulder Laptop Orchestra. April 21. Black Box Theatre. Boulder CO .


Computer - Lobel, Hugh and Summer Lusk. Contemplation_00. Black Box Theatre, Boulder CO.

Voice, Accordion - Several performances around the Denver/Boulder area with Doina Romanian Choir.


Computer - Lobel, Hugh and Michael Mann. I AM:/ Duo Improv. Irie Theatre, Boulder CO.

Voice, Accordion - Several performances around the Denver/Boulder area with Doina Romanian Choir.


Computer - Lobel, Hugh. Radical, Feral, Senseless, Frail. Black Box Theatre, Boulder CO.

Accordion - Golijov, Osvaldo. Ayre. Colorado New Music Ensemble. January 29th-30th. Boulder CO.


Computer - Boulder Laptop Orchestra. Multiple concerts through the Fall 2013, Spring 2014 season. Boulder CO .

Computer - Lobel, Hugh. The Pain of Becoming. Black Box Theatre, Boulder CO.

Computer - Reich, Steve. Violin Phase. Assistant. Summer Lusk, Violin Master’s Recital. Boulder CO .


Piano, Accordion, Voice, Computer - Lobel, Hugh. Skin and Pulp. Boulder CO.


Piano, Computer - Lobel, Hugh. Bornium, for soprano, piano, and Max/MSP. Iowa City, Iowa.

Piano, Accordion, Voice, Computer - Lobel, Hugh. Clementines and Chocolate. Boulder CO.

Whistle - Mueller, K. D. Wisdom. Boulder CO.

Computer, Narrator - Lobel, Hugh. Davisium, for narrator, pianist, and Max/MSP.


Accordion - University of Texas Conjunto Ensemble. Multiple concerts throughout the Fall 2010, Spring 2011 season. Austin TX .