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Amplifire Learning Platform

Web App Development

Front-end development for a redesign of their flagship platform.

Project Overview

Amplifire worked closely with Acclaro Design for the redesign of their online learning platform. As one of two front-end developers joining the project with Acclaro Design, Hugh Lobel worked closely with Amplifire's internal development team to build functional models of the platform. Acclaro, and Hugh, also assisted with the redesign of their website.

Development Notes

Working closely with an internal team provided a chance to really come to understand, and respond to, the needs of the client. By working on-site several times a week, Acclaro and Amplifire were able to hold regular in-person meetings, and the teams were able to move from drafts to finished realizations rapidly. Regular conversations across desks between their internal developers and the Acclaro team meant that troubleshooting could happen in real-time and peer-review of code could ensure that both teams were on the same page. Acclaro was able to see the results of their collaboration bear fruit as elements of their work was rolled out into the live platform, and both teams could respond to gathered data to further improve their processes. Since Acclaro, and Hugh, were also working to redesign Amplifire's website, the teams were able to easily share design assets between the two domains, and maintained a consistent aesthetic across both projects.


  • Web Application Development
  • Website Development
  • Online Learning
  • UX Design


  • Photoshop
  • Axure
  • Zeplin