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Website Development is a custom WordPress website built for the University of Colorado's NEST Studio.

Project Overview is a custom WordPress website built for the University of Colorado's Nature, Environment, Science, and Technology Studio for the Arts. The website was developed and designed by Hugh Lobel.

Development Notes

This website is a WordPress site, developed from original designs and built with a custom Divi theme. The approval to build the website arrived at the beginning of the Fall 2018 Semester, and the inaugural exhibit was already underway. This meant that time was of the essence, but the department still wanted to make sure that the site looked professional and unique, meaning a pre-built theme was out of the question. We chose WordPress so that content could be moderated by admins with different skill sets. For this project, we went with Divi because it allowed us to deliver a high-quality, professionally developed site while expediting development time. The site launched alongside a promotional campaign that got the word out about the new studio and exhibition in time for the launch event.


  • WordPress Website Development
  • Divi Theme Development
  • UX Design


  • WordPress
  • Git / Github
  • Adobe Photoshop