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Developer Resume

H U G H   L O B E L

2059 Riverlawn Dr., Houston, TX 77339

281-352-8404 - |

Professional Experience

Acclaro Design. Denver, CO and remote from Houston, TX. May 2015 - Present

● Build and maintain e-commerce, e-learning, brochure, informational sites for clients across US. ● Create WordPress themes with PHP, HTML, CSS, JS, SQL, Jquery, SCSS, Bootstrap. ● Server setup and configuration via cPanel, FPT. ● Version control and continuous integration with GIT, GITHUB, BITBUCKET, and PANTHEON. ● Coordinate copy and design with internal team using FIGMA, SKETCH, TRELLO, and SLACK. ● Resolve issues with client sites connected to plugins, themes, and platform updates. ● Communication and problem-solving with clients both remotely and on-site. ● Collaborate on large-scale projects as both lead developer and team member. ● Deploy and maintain automated backups for client sites. ● Develop interactive mockups for online learning platforms. ● Selected client list: Amplifire, Derivative Path, KEP Realty, Knowledge Benefits, Elevation Solutions.

MomoTone. Boulder, CO. June 2016 – October 2017

Designed prototype software for the Seoul-based (previously Boulder) music tech company. Boulder, CO.

Selected Research, and Open-Source Software Development

The Music and Sound Design Platform (MSDP). 2015 – Present.

Open-source platform for multimedia synthesis, design, and performance. ● Lead developer, large-scale project. ● Uses Max 8 for UI, Audio and Video rendering. ● NodeJS for state management. ● Code transpilation with Babel. ● AWS Lambda for serverless function calls. ● AWS DynamoDB for NoSQL database. ● AWS S3 for file serving.

replMax. 2019 - Present.

Open-source platform for live-code performances in Max 8. ● Developed with NODEJS and EXPRESS. ● Codemirror for browser-based IDE and repl development.

Live Music Analysis and Improvisation System. 2011 – 2012.

University of Texas, Austin and Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto, Portugal. Developed system for automatic music phrase analysis.


Languages and Packages

Javascript/NodeJS | React | Gatsby | MongoDB | PHP | SQL | Hugo | HTML | CSS | Arudino | Max/Max4Live | Pure Data | Supercollider | Csound

Software and Platforms

MERN stack | AMP stack | WordPress | Amazon Web Services | Git | Hugo | VS Code | Postman | Bash/ZSH | Trello | Slack | Selenium | Browser Stack | Notion | Adobe Photoshop / Premiere Pro / After Effects

Selected University Teaching in Web and Multimedia Software Development

Department of Critical Media Practices

CMDP 3510-002: Creative Web Portfolio Development. Spring & Fall 2018 - 20

CMDP 4870-001: Multimedia Programming in Max. Fall 2018


University of Colorado, Boulder. Doctorate of Musical Arts - Composition - May 2015

University of Texas, Austin. Masters of Music - Composition - May 2011

University of Houston. Bachelors of Music - Composition - May 2009